Marie Jager



The Big Nowhere

May 1 - June 19, 2010
Solo exhibition
François Ghebaly, Los Angeles

The Magic Mountain
L'Heure Bleue
PM show
The Big Nowhere
Days of eclipse
Nothing of North
Landscape and affect
California Bienniale
Shape Shifters
3 Fireplaces


The title of the show, "The Big Nowhere", is taken from the James Ellroy’s novel, but refers mostly to the endless urban landscape that defines the California Metropolis.

In the “Sun” and “Rain” series, Jager has exposed blueprints of the city’s aerial photographs to the elements (sunshine and rain) that have altered them. While the Sun prints result in a hallow of light entering the picture, the Rain prints turns the aerial view of Los Angeles into large scale watercolors. Each aerial view depicts a precise area of the city but is also nearly impossible to locate.

Playing off Los Angeles’ reputation for smog and air pollution, Jager placed canvases outdoors—near her home, on the roof of her studio, near the beach, on a rooftop in Chinatown, in a park—and retrieved them a month, a year later as readymade landscape paintings.

In contrast to these durational portraits of the city, the instant of ignition that defines everyday life in Los Angeles—turning over the engine in your car—is captured repeatedly in Jager’s “Starter” paintings where the burnt oil discharged when the motor engages makes an instant oil-on-canvas landscape of the city’s mobility and automobile reliant citizenry.