Marie Jager



Degrees of Remove: Landscape and Affect
September 7 - November 30, 2008
Group exhibtion
Sculpture Center, Long Island City

The Magic Mountain
L'Heure Bleue
PM show
The Big Nowhere
Days of eclipse
Nothing of North
Landscape and affect
California Bienniale
Shape Shifters
3 Fireplaces


While the word "landscape" was borrowed into English from the Dutch in the 16th century in direct relationship to painting, later definitions came to associate it with vista or natural scenery. Marie Jager’s Landscape paintings make visible the invisible combustion and sediment that define urban environments. Playing off Los Angeles’s varied reputation for inevitable sunshine and smog, Jager placed canvases outdoors and retrieved them a month, a year later as readymade landscape paintings.

The delicate abstractions that result invert the en plein air of one of painting’s longstanding conventional modes as Los Angeles’ traces of air pollution are captured and re-framed as landscape paintings.- Catalogue essay by Fionn Meade