Marie Jager



The Magic Mountain
April 30 - June 4, 2011
Solo exhibtion
Pepin Moore gallery, Los Angeles

The Magic Mountain
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California Bienniale
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The exhibition is titled from Thomas Mann's 1924 novel Der Zauberberg which takes place a century ago at a sanatorium in Davos, Switzerland. The show’s point of departure is Barlow, one of the first tuberculosis sanatorium in the United States, built in 1902 in Elysian Park, Los Angeles.

The exhibition consists of a series of architectural blueprints, paintings, sculptural elements, and a slideshow documenting the long decay of the original sanatorium buildings, currently serving as a clinic for breathing and sleeping disorders. Focusing on the architecture and landscape of the institution, Jager’s project examines the notions of interludes and interruptions in time and space, as well as the early concepts of modern architecture.

The weathered works, exposed to the sun, rain and air, reflect this period where indoor and outdoor spaces were inverted, the private looked institutional and vice versa.