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The Toronto Star January 25, 2010

Marie Jager, a Danish artist living in Los Angeles, shows a beautiful group of works on paper that seem like precise, finely drawn abstraction; in fact, they're blasts of exhaust caught at the moment of a car's ignition. [...] - Murray Whyte

National Post - January 28, 2010

Best in show is L.A. artist Marie Jager’s Past/Present/Future, a wall piece that overlaps its titular words to form a laser-cut mirror. This artwork reflects the difficulty of teasing apart the three temporal states, and suggests that the place where these difficult time-planets meet is, perhaps, one’s own, unremarkable, very human body.

Jager’s Pollution Paintings are also interesting. Made of diesel oil, they look like exploding planets and seem at first to deliver a simple environmental-anxiety message. But they change when one learns (from the exhibition brochure) that Jager makes her paintings by holding canvases up to an auto’s exhaust pipe at the moment of ignition. [...] -Leah Sandals

Globe Mail Saturday - February 6, 2010

[...] This strange few moments of dark/light time of cancellation clearly encourages in us all a moment or two of heightened rumination.

In the hands of this exhibition's six contributors (Kristan Horton, Marie Jager, Euan Macdonald, Will Rogan, Elizabeth venar and the late Gary Beydler) has become a series of unforgettable epiphanies - some mordantly, disturbingly funny (Jager), some exhaustingly, almost despairingly painful (Horton), some provocatively bittersweet (Macdonald, Beydler), some scathingly restless and full of passionate critique (Zvonar, and Jager in her Pollution Paintings). - Gary Michael Ault

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